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"Thank You for the great care you provided for my two cats (Oreo & Revo) over their nine month stay at Kitty Kastle...Knowing that Oreo and Revo were safe and secure at Kitty Kastle gave me peace of mind as I traveled to Panama to secure accommodations. As you may remember, I was in the process of selling my home in St. Petersburg and needed a place to board my cats while I transitioned to Panama. The first pet sitter I called did not board cats but highly recommended Kitty Kastle. That's how I got your name and phone number. I eventually called about 20 pet sitters and boarding facilities in Pinellas County and finally trimmed it down to four possibilities. Most of the places contacted would have placed my two cats in a cage - I could not imagine Oreo and Revo spending nine months caged up. After touring your facility and talking with you about the care provided by Kitty Kastle, I knew I had found the place that would provide the best care, security, and comfort for my two cats. Also, you have been more than accommodating to coordinate with me my weekly visits with Oreo and Revo whenever I was in the country and you have been very generous with the monthly fee.

Thank You again for the care provided by Kitty Kastle and for the peace of mind knowing that my two cats were safe and in a healthy environment. Oreo and Revo have settled into their new home here in western Panama and I have taken several pictures of them relaxing. I will forward the pics to you as soon as possible.

Please feel free to share the above verbiage with potential Kitty Kastle clients and you may provide them with my e-address if they would like to contact me. If you and your family are ever traveling to Panama, please let me know and I will be more than happy to show you around.

Ciao from the tropics!

Buzz McQuerry
Ciudad de David, Chiriqui, Panama

"I am in the Air Force and had to deploy overseas for four (4) months. I had no idea what to do with my 5-year-old Cali until I found Kitty Kastle where she was cared for lovingly and was able to run around free in a safely fenced backyard.

She had so much fun that I think she really could have cared less when I came back to pick her up. I am truly grateful to Lynn and The Kitty Kastle."

Elly, TSgt. USAF

"In the summer of 2003, my boyfriend and I did a lot of traveling. Without Kitty Kastle, we would not have had a place to put Skippy. Kitty Kastle exceeded our expectations and I highly recommend Kitty Kastle to anyone looking for genuine care of their cat."

Jacquelyn B.

"Lynn, you really are a dear. What would I have done with Lynxy those 2 1/2 years I was in St. Kitts studying to become a vet? Thank you so much for the excellent care you provided Lynxy and the peace of mind you gave me."

Love, Angela and Lynxy

"My Beau is an indoor cat except when we go on our annual cruise. I believe he looks forward to his stay at The Kitty Kastle so he can go outside and chase lizards and butterflies or just lie in the sun. My husband and I can vacation with peace of mind because we know he's safe with Lynn and Jennifer at Kitty Kastle. Beau loves Kitty Kastle and so do we...thanks for taking such good care of our precious year after year."

Elaine T.
Tarpon Springs, FL

"The second time we dropped off our five (5) cats at The Kitty Kastle, each of the cats seemed to know exactly what his/her favorite spot was and went right to it. Saying goodbye for three (3) weeks was very quick and easy because we knew how happy our darlings were to be there and we know how well-cared for they are. Jennifer and Lynn have a special knack with cats...even our ornary Casey calms down as soon as he gets to Kitty Kastle. We all love Kitty Kastle."

Jana T.
Indian Rocks Beach

"I could not have gone to Wales, UK if I had not found Kitty Kastle. The only place I would entrust to take care of my beloved Benny is The Kitty Kastle. Though I miss him so much, I know he's in the wonderful caring hands of both Jennifer and Lynn...they're very special people. And it's wonderful to get regular emails from Lynn updating me on what Benny is doing and once a month I get an envelope full of fabulous photos of my Benny so I can see what he's doing and how happy he is. That's the only way I can survive all these months without him. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Pamela W.
Wales, United Kingdom

"Lynn, thanks again for taking such good care of Punky. He's happy to be home, but I'm sure he'd have been just as happy to stay with you and all his newfound friends forever. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks in September so I'll be giving you a call as soon as my plans are finalized.

Punky has always been affectionate, but since his stay at The Kitty Kastle, he's become even more so. His disposition is even sweeter than it was before, if that's possible, and he's a little purring machine who's all over me more than ever. If you're looking for a ringing endorsement, I'd say his stay with you was the happiest three weeks of his young life."

Jon C.
Tampa, FL

"Lynn is a life saver! My husband and I left Tampa for an overseas trip in 2006 which was to last eight months but turned into a year. We needed the best place to leave our two cats, Jay and Gatsby and The Kitty Kastle was a dream come true. We couldn't be more pleased with our choice.

We love The Kitty Kastle. As you can imagine, we missed our "boyz" very much but Lynn's frequent email updates and photos helped a lot. Jay and Gatsby adjusted very well from the very beginning and I loved the fact they were able to safely enjoy the outdoors.

Thank you, Lynn, for taking such good care of them and for sending such wonderful dispatches."

Jamie & Steve
Now living in Texas

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