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We are proud of our cat resort and welcome your inspection at any time. Please call to set up an appointment. Your satisfaction and your cat's well-being are our primary concerns.

 Requirements for boarding at The Kitty Kastle: 


  • All cats must show proof of current vaccinations prior to check-in: Rabies Vaccine, FVRCP Feline, and/or as prescribed by your vet.

  • All cats must be free of external parasites (fleas and ticks, ear mites) when admitted.

  • Owner to verify that cats, both indoor and outdoor, are treated monthly for flea and tick prevention. If not, we will treat with Revolution at an additional charge of $20.00 per cat per month.

  • We reserve the right to examine all cats at check-in.

  • All cats must be spayed/neutered.

  • While in the care of The Kitty Kastle, any cat that appears to require veterinary attention will receive it at our discretion and at the owner's expense. If your vet is in our local area, we will make every attempt to have your pet seen by him/her. However, we reserve the right to use our "on call" veterinarian or the nearest animal emergency facility.

  • The Kitty Kastle shall provide all food, water, litter, toys and treats. Should your cat have special preferences, please provide the brand/type of food and/or treats.

  • We LOVE all cats and shall exercise all reasonable care of and attention to the well-being of the cat(s) when they are in our charge. We lovingly treat them and care for them like they are our own while they are at The Kitty Kastle. It is expressly agreed that The Kitty Kastle (aka Astrid Lynn Martin and Jennifer Martin), its employees and staff, shall in no event be liable for any claims or damages.

  • If your cat(s) are not picked up within 14 days after the date arranged and we have not been contacted with a new pick-up date, abandonment shall be assumed and The Kitty Kastle may take whatever steps necessary and appropriate to find a new home for your pet. In such case, owner will be fully responsible for any costs and charges incurred including reasonable attorney and court fees.

  • All charges for boarding must be PRE-PAID via cash, check or money order and credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (unless otherwise arranged in the case of long-term care).

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