A Home Away From Home

We offer you peace of mind when you can’t be there.


Typical Boarding Kennel

  2x4 or 3x5 Caged Enclosure

  Cat litter, food and water all together in small cage

  Cat is alone 24/7


The Kitty Kastle

  No Cages! No Crates! No Confined Areas! Cats are free to roam all over our lovely 3BR home or enjoy private quarters

  Meticulously clean litter boxes, fresh water fountains, and dry food feeders in every room

  Your precious pet is pampered 24/7: petted, groomed, played with and cared for by mother-daughter team of cat lovers

  No Cages!

  No Crates!

  No Confined Areas!

  24 Hour Care

  Caring for Cats Since 2000

  Worry Free Pet Service

  Special Military Rates

  Serving the Greater Tampa Bay Area

  (727) 642-2951


  135 Cleveland Place
     Tarpon Springs, Fl 34689